Enabling humans to achieve the imaginable

Liminal Collective is a team of experienced experts focused on human performance.


Enabling humanity’s boldest endeavors

Human performance moonshots, media and events


A reference to Dante's infamous journey, we will guide you on an experiential adventure that brings cohorts of the world’s elite leaders together to explore the first principles of humanity. We will infuse the powerful and transformational practices of ancient rites of passage with cutting-edge science and insights, so you can optimize yourself for both life and business. In challenges lie our greatest transformations.

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Legends of Ibiza

An invitation-only, intimate and exclusive gathering for a diverse group of high performers including entrepreneurs, business leaders, athletes, military, music, culture or arts. If you are at the top of your game or looking to increase your human potential, this experience is for you. This  immersive journey through creativity, science, technology, music and ancient wisdom is designed to be life-changing. Visit the site here or...

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Whatever your challenge, we assemble the team to deliver, from our own crew of world-class experts and our global network. Our solutions range from Strategic Talent Development, High-Performance Keynotes & Workshops, Leadership & Teaming, Organizational & Cultural Strategies, to the design, development and execution of C-Suite High-Performance Experiences, Executive Retreats and Corporate Events.

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We enable humanity's greatest endeavors, offering bespoke solutions to individuals and teams that seek to achieve the extraordinary.

Using the Liminal Method, our crew of world-class experts will take you to the liminal space and accompany you across the threshold to something never before seen. It's a proven model in which we partner with you to navigate uncertainty and achieve uncommon results, applying the deep science of elite performance, tapping ancient traditions and breaking convention to hack creativity.

In this way, we push forward the limitless potential of humans: the individual, the team, and humanity. Humanity 2.0.

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