Humanity 2.0

We are working toward a bold community of humans prepared to accomplish audacious endeavours.


Hacking the new humanity

We are on a mission to create Humanity 2.0  - a bold community of humans prepared to accomplish audacious endeavors that inform and inspire us all.

In a world where we can feel as though human factors are subsumed by technology...and where, all too often, technological advances can appear to shape what it means to be human... we are motivated by making humans more human.

Humans have unlimited potential. By applying technology to the service of humans; by engaging truly human traits like creativity, courage and compassion; and through bold human endeavor, together we can create a better humanity.


The individual: We start with you. Assessing all domains of human potential, from psychology to physical, creative to cognitive.


The team: Then we look to the group. Who is in it, where, how do you collaborate and interact, what do you need to achieve?


Everyone: Better individuals. Better teams and organizations.
Working for a better humanity.