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Our precision model of leadership and experience accelerators emphasizes natural strengths and superpowers, fostering greater cohesion, trust, and understanding within teams. As a result, teams and organizations experience improved performance across key metrics, including communication, collaboration, and overall outcomes.

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EMT House proudly announces its global strategic partnership with Liminal Collective, a leading expert in human performance. Together, we empower individuals and teams to achieve the extraordinary through bespoke solutions tailored to each unique journey. With a focus on nature, community, and capital, EMT House offers unparalleled experiences for personal and professional growth, now enhanced by Liminal's expertise.

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Liminal Collective is collaborating with SLG's senior leadership to provide an experiential accelerator focused on capturing their core values and driving transformation. Our program fosters self-awareness, builds trust, and encourages creativity through engaging activities. By disrupting outdated paradigms and leveraging principles of human performance, we aim to elevate organizational cohesion and effectiveness.

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Liminal Collective's Entrepreneur NEXT Level programs offer a transformative journey tailored for startup teams. With a commitment ranging from 1 to 5 days, our programs are designed to enhance performance and increase the likelihood of success in the challenging startup landscape. Participants can expect to achieve more than they thought possible, faster, while building their personal toolkit and becoming part of the Liminal Collective Community. Backed by alarming statistics revealing the high failure rates of startups and the challenges they face in securing follow-on financing, our programs focus on critical success factors such as personal and team alignment, rapid learning, performing under pressure, and optimizing cognitive performance. Join us to defy the odds and embark on a journey towards entrepreneurial success.

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