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Coleman Ruiz: Overcoming Physical & Emotional Challenges

Check out this conversation between our performance advisor Andrew Huberman and one of our original co-foudners, Coleman Ruiz, a former U.S. Navy SEAL, on the Huberman Lab Podcast. His story is one of true resilience, detailing his experiences from childhood through elite military training. He emphasizes the crucial role of mentors, family, and friends in fostering resilience and overcoming life’s challenging moments. For professionals and leaders, this podcast shares powerful lesson in leadership, mental health, and the human capacity to recover and advance.

Huberman Lab podcast

The Lost Art of Connection: How to Be a Supercommunicator

We really enjoyed this newest episode of the Finding Mastery podcast, featuring Charles Duhigg, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author. In this episode, titled "The Lost Art of Connection: How to Be a Supercommunicator," Duhigg explores the profound skill of meaningful communication beyond the surface level. In an era where genuine connection seems rare, Duhigg discusses the critical importance of deep communication—where we not only share information but truly connect, challenge, and inspire one another. Drawing from his latest book, "Supercommunicators: How to Unlock the Secret Language of Connection," he offers practical tools for enhancing our ability to engage sincerely and empathetically. For anyone looking to enhance their communication skills, this episode is a must-listen.

Dr Michael Gervais' Finding Mastery podcast

Rich Diviney, A Navy Seal Commander on the Hidden Drivers of Optimal Performance

Unpack the traits that drive optimal performance with Rich Diviney on the Rich Roll Podcast. Rich is a former Navy SEAL Commander with 21 years of service and 13 overseas deployments. He discusses the core attributes like adaptability, courage, and even narcissism, which dictate resilience, perseverance, and team dynamics beyond the obvious skills. This episode is a masterclass in understanding and harnessing the characteristics that fuel optimal performance in business, sports, relationships, and life. Diviney's insights, drawn from spearheading the groundbreaking MindGym program for elite soldiers, are now shaping leadership and performance strategies for top organizations worldwide.

Rich Roll Podcast

Dr Eric Potterat, Mental Disciplines for Leading and Winning from the World’s Top Performers (Learned Excellence)

For those in leadership, entrepreneurship, or any high-stakes professional field, the Learning Leader Show episode featuring Dr. Eric Potterat offers invaluable insights. Dr. Potterat, with a distinguished career that spans working with Navy SEALs, the Los Angeles Dodgers, and even NASA astronauts, delves into the principles of mental toughness and performance psychology. His experiences culminate in his book, "Learned Excellence: Mental Disciplines for Leading and Winning from the World’s Top Performers," providing a roadmap for anyone looking to elevate their mental game. This episode is a treasure trove for business leaders and entrepreneurs seeking to harness the same mental disciplines that have propelled the world's top performers to success.

Ryan Hawk's The Learning Leader Show

How To Deprogram Stress with Chief Mindfulness Officer at TIFIN, Thomas Droge

Navigate the challenges of burnout and stress in the entrepreneurial world with the Money Rehab podcast episode featuring Thomas Droge, the Chief Mindfulness Officer at Tifin. This insightful discussion with host Nicole Lapin explores the critical role of mindfulness in the workplace and offers practical exercises to reduce stress. Entrepreneurs and business leaders will learn why integrating mindfulness into their daily routine is not just beneficial but essential. This episode is a guide for those seeking to create a more balanced, focused, and productive work environment.

Nicole Lapin's Money Rehab podcast

Access Spiritual Possibility in Physical Impossibility with Colin O'Brady

Embark on a journey of resilience and exploration with Colin O’Brady on the Aubrey Marcus podcast. Entrepreneurs and leaders will find O’Brady’s tales from his solo Antarctic trek a source of profound inspiration. This episode delves into the power of embracing life's extremes, the lessons learned in the face of immense challenges, and the importance of experiencing life's full polarity. O’Brady’s experiences underscore the resilience and spirit needed not just in exploration, but also in the entrepreneurial journey. A must-listen for those seeking to push boundaries and explore the depths of their own potential.

Aubrey Marcus podcast

Wiring Your Brain For Performance Under Pressure - Dan Dworkis

Discover the art of thriving under pressure with Dr. Dan Dworkis on 'What Got You There'. Entrepreneurs and founders will find invaluable strategies from the emergency room applicable to the boardroom. Dr. Dworkis, an ER physician and USC professor, shares insights from his book 'The Emergency Mind: Wiring Your Brain for Performance Under Pressure'. Learn how to make critical decisions and excel in high-stakes, uncertain environments. This episode is a masterclass for anyone looking to enhance their crisis management skills and perform optimally when it matters most, drawing parallels between emergency medicine and the fast-paced world of business.

Sean DeLaney's What Got You There podcast

Learning What It Takes To Be A Successful Entrepreneur With Peter Diamandis

Delve into the entrepreneurial journey with Peter Diamandis on this insightful episode, uncovering what it truly takes to succeed in business. Entrepreneurs and aspiring business leaders will learn from Diamandis's experiences and the wisdom of business coach Dan Sullivan. Discover the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, the crucial importance of problem-solving, the art of team building, and why embracing failure is key to success. This episode is a must-listen for anyone considering or currently navigating the entrepreneurial path, offering valuable lessons on resilience, innovation, and strategic thinking.

Dan Sullivan's Multiplier Mindset podcast

Doug Stevenson - Storytelling That Sticks for Business and Life

Enhance your business narrative with Doug Stevenson's 'Storytelling that Sticks'. This podcast series is a treasure trove for entrepreneurs and business leaders seeking to master the art and science of storytelling. Each episode is packed with practical techniques and storytelling hacks, making it easier to craft compelling narratives that resonate. Embrace the Story Theater Method for strategic storytelling in business, and learn to captivate, motivate, and inspire your audience, whether in the boardroom, with clients, or within your team.

Storytelling That Sticks for Business and Life mini series

Circle of Empathy, with Microsoft Futurist Jaron Lanier

Explore the intersection of technology, nature, and empathy in Cirque du Sound's 'Circle of Empathy' with visionary Jaron Lanier. Entrepreneurs and founders will find profound insights in this episode, where Michel Laprise and Lanier, a Microsoft futurist and VR pioneer, discuss the evolving perceptions of reality and the future of technology. As they delve into the themes of ECHO, the conversation illuminates how maintaining a balance with nature and fostering empathy are crucial for innovative, responsible leadership. This episode is a must-listen for those in the tech industry, offering guidance on creating a future that harmonizes technological advancement with human-centric values.

Cirque du Sound podcast

Get Kurios, with NASA Astrophysicist Dr. John Mather

Meet Michel Laprise | Blog | Cirque du Soleil KURIOS : Touring Show. See tickets and deals | Cirque du Soleil Experience a fusion of cosmic exploration and creative innovation in Cirque du Sound's 'Get Kurios' with Nobel-laureate astrophysicist Dr. John Mather. Entrepreneurs and founders will find invaluable insights in this dialogue between Dr. Mather, the mind behind the James Webb Telescope, and Cirque du Soleil’s Michel Laprise. This episode is a masterclass in harnessing curiosity to drive groundbreaking advancements, mirroring the entrepreneurial journey of transforming visionary ideas into reality. Entrepreneurs will be inspired by their discussion on redefining perceptions of time, space, and human potential, all crucial elements for innovation in business.

Cirque du Sound podcast

Empowering Women to Prosper and Lead

Dr. Jen Wager is a pediatric anesthesiologist, an expert on human performance, and the founder and CEO of PROSPER, a team devoted to holistic women's performance and helping women thrive. In this episode of Dan Dworkis' Emergency Mind podcast, we get into women's performance, how organizations can attract, develop, and retain high performing women, how to build environments that help women achieve, and so much more. You can find out more at

Dan Dworkis' Emergency Mind podcast

Nir Eyal on Scheduling for Life’s Surprises: When Timeboxing is Toast

In this episode of Nir And Far, Nir Eyal asks what we can do on those days when the world seems intent on sabotaging our timeboxed calendar... A meeting goes longer than expected. The daycare center calls to say that your child is ill and has to be picked up ASAP. A project you thought would take an hour to complete instead took three. Before you know it, the end of the day arrives, and you’ve barely given time to the tasks you had wanted to do...

Nir Eyal's Nir And Far podcast

Rich & Tone Talauega - Choreographers for Michael Jackson

@BigBodyCisco sits down with Liminal performance advisers Rich & Tone Talauega, two highly sought after choreagraphers with an amazing story to tell and insights to share. All on the Western Conference podcast.

Western Conference podcast

James Milner: Turning Doubters Into Believers

Hosted by Jake Humphrey and Damian Hughes, the High Performance podcast invites guests to share the non-negotiable behaviours they employed to get them to the top and keep them there. In this episode, professional footballer / soccer player, James Milner explores consistency, team-building, longevity and how to turn doubters into believers.

High Performance podcast

Burn the Ships

Increase Your Impact is a podcast on leadership by Justin Su'a. In this episode, he talks about the value of figuratively burning the ships, eliminating the option of turning back. This is for anyone who might need a forcing function to help them commit.

Increase Your Impact podcast

Cultivating Happiness, Emotional Self-Management, and More - Arthur Brooks Ph.D.

In this episode Peter Attia Drive and Arthur Brooks the nuanced concept of happiness, differentiating between momentary feelings and overall wellbeing. He explains the importance of understanding one’s personality pattern with respect to positive and negative emotions in order to better self-manage emotions. These themes and more can be found in Brooks' book, "Build the Life You Want".

The Peter Attia Drive podcast

The Science of Setting & Achieving Goals

Master the art of achieving your goals with Liminal performance adviser, Dr. Andrew Huberman, on the Huberman Lab Podcast. In this episode, delve into the neuroscience of goal setting and pursuit, uncovering the brain circuits that drive our ambitions. Dr. Huberman presents nine science-backed tools for goal attainment, including effective visualization, strategic multitasking, and leveraging dopamine. Whether you're aiming for success in work, education, athletics, or personal growth, these insights are invaluable for anyone looking to elevate their performance and reach their full potential.

Andrew Huberman's Huberman Lab podcast

Creativity within Mission Critical Teams

Explore the fusion of cognitive science and real-world experience in MCTI Teamcast's latest episode with Professor Kate Stevens and Ben Pronk. Delve into the dynamics of creativity in high-stakes environments, perfect for leaders and innovators in mission-critical teams. Professor Stevens brings her expertise in human interaction and technology, while Ben Pronk, a veteran and former SAS Commanding Officer, offers insights from the field. This episode is a must-listen for those seeking to foster creativity and effective decision-making in challenging situations.

Mission Critical Team Institute (MCTI) podcast

Dr. David Eagleman: Optimize Your Brain For Better Health, Performance, and Fulfillment

Embark on a journey to enhance your brain's capabilities with Dr. David Eagleman and Michael Gervais. This episode is a goldmine for entrepreneurs and high achievers, offering insights into harnessing your brain for heightened joy, success, and fulfillment. Eagleman's expertise in neuroscience provides actionable strategies for staying present, unlocking potential, and living a more vibrant life. It's an essential listen for anyone seeking to elevate their cognitive performance and overall well-being.

Dr. Michael Gervais' Finding Mastery podcast

The Science of Strain with Dr. Andy Walshe

Dive into the intricate science of stress and strain with Kristen Holmes and Liminal Collective's Andy Walshe. This episode is crucial for those striving to understand and optimize performance under pressure. Learn from Dr. Walshe's expertise, notably his role in Felix Baumgartner's stratospheric jump, to explore the physiological and psychological impacts of stress. A must-listen for high performers and entrepreneurs seeking to leverage stress for peak performance.

Whoop podcast

Time, Productivity, And Purpose: Insights From Four Thousand Weeks - Oliver Burkeman

Redefine your relationship with time with Peter Attia Drive and Oliver Burkeman, author of 'Four Thousand Weeks'. Delve into the profound exploration of time management myths and the quest for productivity. This episode is a must for high achievers and entrepreneurs grappling with the finite nature of time versus the pursuit of purpose. Burkeman's insights offer a fresh perspective on balancing life's endless possibilities with meaningful, purpose-driven actions.

The Peter Attia Drive podcast

Josh Waitzkin - How To Cram 2 Months Of Learning Into 1 Day

Dive into the realm of extreme learning with Josh Waitzkin and Tim Ferriss, as Josh reveals how to compress months of learning into a single day. Ideal for entrepreneurs and professionals hungry for rapid skill acquisition, this episode uncovers Josh's unique methods, honed from his experiences as a US National Chess Champion and a martial arts champion. Discover transformative insights from his journey in paddle surfing and foiling, and learn how these principles can revolutionize learning in business and beyond.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Science-Based Mental Training & Visualization for Improved Learning

Discover the power of your mind with Liminal performance adviser, Andrew Huberman, as he delves into the science of mental visualization for skill development. This episode is a must-listen for professionals and entrepreneurs seeking to accelerate learning and enhance performance. Huberman unravels the principles of neuroplasticity, focus, and effective training techniques, backed by scientific research. Ideal for those looking to optimize their cognitive and motor skills through innovative mental training strategies.

Andrew Huberman's Huberman Lab podcast

Steven Bartlett – 17 Raw Lessons About Human Nature

Join Chris Williamson and Steven Bartlett as they unravel the complexities of being a successful yet grounded individual. This episode is a treasure trove of insights for every high achiever, exploring the delicate balance between ambition and humility, and turning uniqueness into strength. Whether it's mastering self-discipline or navigating media challenges, Bartlett's distilled wisdom is invaluable for entrepreneurs and professionals striving for personal and professional excellence.

Chris Williamson's Modern Wisdom podcast

Adam Grant on: Why Discomfort Is The Key To Growth & Strategies For Unlocking Your Hidden Potential

Unlock the secrets of growth with Jay Shetty and Adam Grant. Dive into a transformative discussion on overcoming comfort zones, embracing discomfort, and harnessing envy for inspiration. Perfect for entrepreneurs and high performers, this episode is a masterclass in self-improvement and finding your authentic voice. Tune in to reshape your approach to personal and professional aspirations.

Jay Shetty’s On Purpose podcast