With groundbreaking film parts that shattered skiing’s glass ceiling and a list of accolades ranging from world tour titles to magazine awards never before won by a woman, you’d think skiing is all consuming for Angel Collinson. In fact, if you ask the 30-year-old about her true passion, she’ll most likely discuss skiing as a “why” rather than a “what”; that skiing helps her dig deep, discover her limits, hone in on her awareness, make peace with fear and practice mindfulness.

Growing up at the base of Snowbird Ski Resort in Utah, skiing was part of her life from an early age. During the winter, she was on the slopes every day. During the summer, the family would pack up and travel around the west in a van, well before #vanlife was a thing This childhood instilled in her a deep respect and appreciation for the environment and a longing to protect what gave her the most valuable things in life.This led to her studying environmental law at the University of Utah on a full-ride academic scholarship, while competing on the Freeskiing World Tour. Her rookie year she won the overall title, and again the next year, paving the way to a career in professional film skiing where her skiing's technical skills shine the most in the big mountains of Alaska.

The same tenacity she used to excel in school and skiing she applies to her other passions, including writing, music, art, health, and climate change. Her childhood dream of working in policy has morphed into affecting change through using her platform in a meaningful way. She regularly advocates with organizations like Protect Our Winters and Citizens' Climate Lobby, doing things like speaking at schools, writing op-ed’s, and lobbying in DC.

Angel's introspective, playful, curious and adventurous nature fuels her desire to explore and push boundaries, both personally and collectively. Her lifetime in the mountains and passion for exploration lead her to follow her calling to explore new frontiers: the open ocean and other parts of the globe. She is now working on a sailboat to sail around the world visiting small island communities and nations, telling stories of human resilience and adaptability, inspiring hope while documenting and showcasing the effects of environmental and social change across the globe.


  • First woman to be nominated and/or win Best Line, Powder Awards 2016
  • 3 time winner Best Female Performance, Powder Awards
  • 4 time winner Reader Poll favorite, Powder Awards
  • Freeskier Skier of the Year, 2015
  • ESPN Top 50 Females in Action Sports, 2014
  • 2 time overall champion on Freeskiing World Tour

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