Eric Potterat, Ph.D. is a high performance / sport / clinical psychologist and a retired U.S. Navy Commander, who during his last ten years in the Navy served as the psychologist for the U.S. Navy SEALS.  

As their head psychologist, he was responsible for the mental assessment, selection, development, maintenance and enhancement programs for the Nation’s best warriors and highest performers. He was also responsible for the mental toughness and performance psychology training, clinical care,operational readiness / resilience training and neurocognitive evaluation programs for all the active duty personnel across the Navy’s Special Operations Force worldwide.

Eric is currently (for the last four years) the Director of Sport Psychology Programs for the Los Angeles Dodgers where he oversees the organization's sport psychology programs, mental assessment and selection programs, neurocognitive efficiency programs, etc. His experience in sport is wide ranging.

For the last five years, he has also served as the high performance psychologist for Red Bull High Performance, where he is responsible for the sport / performance psychology programs for Red Bull athletes.  In that capacity, he manages the development and implementation of the Mental Performance Optimization Program for Red Bull athletes (mental performance techniques assessment, education, camp development and coverage, stress inoculation, 1:1 mental coaching, etc.). He has experience conducting psychological assessments and interviews at the NFL Combine, providing comprehensive sport psychology consultation for numerous NBA, NFL and MLB franchises, extreme athletes in over 30 different sport disciplines (Red Bull athletes and Olympic athletes).  

For the last 23 years, Eric has focused his research and practice on teachable and actionable mental performance techniques, stress resilience, character development, selection, neuropsychology, decision-making under stress, mental toughness training, and elite human performance in extreme environments.  He is considered one of the leading experts in individual and organizational resilience and performance enhancement in high-risk, high-performance occupations.  Years of working with and researching these elite performers/athletes has allowed him to better understand the science of mental toughness and how many of the same techniques that make elite performers amazingly successful are 100% teachable. This, he now helps individuals and organizations better focus on more effective teamwork principles, performing better under pressure, and the development, maintenance and enhancement of resilience.  As such,he has spent the last six years providing intermittent executive coaching, talks, keynotes and workshops to Fortune 500 companies.  

For Eric's last 15 of his 20 years in the Navy, he focused his research and practice on stress resilience, personnel selection and development, mental toughness training, and optimizing human performance in extreme environments.  He is also credited for developing and implementing the Mental Toughness Training Program for the U.S. Navy SEALs and embedding it into their training pipeline. He has 30 peer-reviewed, professional journal and/or chapter publications, has been featured on national media (History Channel, MSNBC, national magazines, etc.), and has served as a consultant to many organizations including, numerous professional (NFL, MLB, NBA, etc.) and collegiate sports teams, individual professional athletes, Red Bull High Performance, NASA, many law enforcement and government agencies, firefighting organizations, and Fortune 500 corporations.  His assessment, selection, player development and performance enhancement expertise helps players, coaches, executives and high-performance mindset individuals thrive and excel in the face of pressure and organization adversity.

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