Kirk Krack has been a leader in the field of diving for over three decades and has devoted his time enhancing opportunities for all in the water. Kirk has demonstrated his leadership and exploration in aquatics through various avenues including as an adventurer, educator, coach, camera operator, on-screen talent, stunt person, researcher, innovator, and entrepreneur.

As an adventurer, Kirk has served as a lifeguard, swimming instructor and coach, recreational scuba instructor, mixed gas diving instructor, commercial diver, and a wilderness EMT. This has resulted in Kirk logging over 10,000 dives in some of the most extreme environments such as wrecks, caves, underneath ice, and in dangerous depths up to 550ft/168m, where the use of mixed gas and 6.5 hours of decompression time was the norm.

Kirk has led expeditions to many unexplored destinations, such as Truk Lagoon, employing Technical Scooter Freediving to explore WWII era Japanese wrecks on breath-hold. He has also travelled the world in front of and behind the camera on the Academy Award winning Feature Documentary ‘The Cove’ by the Oceanic Preservation Society, and their follow-up ‘Racing Extinction’.

A motivational speaker, Kirk has presented for the American Academy of Underwater Sciences as well as the Undersea Hyperbaric Medical Society. Kirk is the Founder and President of the Performance Freediving International (PFI) system of education, where he has trained seven athletes to 23 world records, and dozens of athletes to 100's of national records in the sport of freediving. He has co-authored several scientific papers on freediving and previously coordinated the training for the Advanced Freediving Research Program at Simon Fraser University in the early 2000’s. Recently Kirk has pioneered the development of Technical Freediving and the use of oxygenated mixtures on breath-hold as ‘the right tool for the job’. He has also developed numerous procedures used around the world by many educational organizations today.

With a focus on forwarding human potential and the foundation of breathing and breath-control, Kirk pioneered multiple innovative and industry-first programs, including the Breath-Hold Survival and Breath-Hold Motivation programs, whilst training various elite Red Bull athletes.  Seeing these complimentary skills, Kirk has been sought after by eight different Special Operations groups from three different countries for his Breath-Hold Special Operations course.

Since 2001, Kirk has directed numerous freediving competitions around the world, including the AIDA Freediving World Championships in 2004 and most recently the Deja Blue competitions in the Cayman Islands. In 2016 Kirk was awarded the DAN Rolex Diver of the Year award for his dedication to the development of safety in freediving.

In 2017 Kirk started working with world renowned Film Director and ocean adventurer, James Cameron on his upcoming Avatar Sequels. In this role, Kirk is the specialist freediving consultant and safety expert, where he has coached various actors such as Sigourney Weaver and Kate Winslet, plus all stunt doubles and safety crews.  Kirk has also worked on various other films with notable actors such Tom Cruise on Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, and Margot Robbie on Suicide Squad.

Kirk has devoted his life to enhancing human potential and capacity in the water. He has always committed himself to likeminded professionals who also explore the boundaries of the impossible and are connected to the area of human potential and human factors.  Therefore he has joined the Liminal Collective, the global community united by a passion for human performance and the desire to enable humanity’s greatest endeavors.

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