Jack is Liminal Collective's chief executive officer.

He is a successful entrepreneur, CEO, board director and advisor who has been building and leading companies for over 20 years. His work includes over 25 companies in technology and financial services, ranging from conception to publicly traded companies, with the last four years focused on building in the rapidly expanding world of AI with partners like JP Morgan and Motive Partners. Jack has witnessed first hand the power of human performance as the most important catalyst for success.

As a West Point Graduate, Army Airborne Ranger, elite athlete and dedicated meditation practitioner, Jack believes that full human potential lives at the intersection of mind, body and spirit.

Jack is passionate about leveraging immersive experiences combined with data science and AI to power breakthrough human performance.

Jack’s home base is in Boulder, Colorado where you can find him running, riding, climbing, meditating and skiing with his dogs in the mountains.