Taylor began his career as a strength and conditioning coach in D1 Power 5 schools, ultimately leading him to the NFL and the San Francisco 49ers. During his NFL tenure, he managed strength and conditioning, nutrition, and rehabilitation, while also overseeing their sports science initiatives to monitor and enhance athletic performance and recovery.

Following his curiosity to develop elite cognitive performance, Taylor transitioned into the realm of esports. He became the VP of Performance at Infinite Esports & Entertainment where he built player and coach development programs for professional teams and academies. He coached some of the world's best gamers on teams such as OpTic Gaming, Evil Geniuses, and Astralis.

In addition to coaching, Taylor helped lead teams pioneering software and research studies for cognitive athletes at Aim Labs. Blending neuroscience and gaming technology led to the creation of one of the largest esports training platforms in the world.

Now, Taylor partners with industry leaders to give them a competitive advantage by adopting a holistic approach to their individual and team performance. He integrates transformational coaching, cognitive and physical strategies, leadership development, and systems thinking to optimize performance and longevity.

Taylor’s home base is in Austin, Texas, where he enjoys the creative outlet of cooking, discovering new music, and exploring nature.