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Jan 27, 2020

A quick Google search on "human performance" gives us well over seven million hits. Add to that searches like "human potential", "sport performance" and "sports science", and you quickly realize that content on this topic runs into the tens of millions of posts and pages. So how do you cut through it all and get past the myths, vanity, pseudo-science and already-been-there-said-that content that clamors for attention every day?

Why not try out the Liminal Collective team's top picks? As a group of world-class human performance experts who work with elite performers around the world, we keep on top of what's important and what's not. We pass blogs, articles, videos and posts that catch our eye between us. And so we thought we'd share them with you too.

Here are the top Liminal Picks for this week. They're short to read, but will hopefully provoke long thought.

HBR: Emotional Intelligence Has 12 Elements. Which Do You Need to Work On?

Kellogg Insight: Building Great Teams

CharacterLab: Evidence-based ways to build character in kids

NCBI: Creativity in the Wild

Greater Good: What Awe Looks Like in the Brain

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