The Science of Strain

Liminal Collective's own Andy Walshe was grateful to appear on Whoop's podcast to discuss the science of strain.

Feb 4, 2022

t's at times like these when we realise the power of community is more than the some of its parts. We're grateful to have been invited by Kristen Holmes, VP of Performance at Whoop and a Liminal Collective performance advisor, to discuss the science of strain. It's the community that makes the connection and the broader community that can hopefully enjoy the exchange.

Our very own Andy Walshe was in the hot seat and we hope to have shared some insights of value to you and the Whoop audience. Key topics covered included:

  • The science of strain
  • How we respond to physical and mental stress
  • How to keep a performance mindset under stress

Andy also had a few thoughts for the chess enthusiasts out there, and all athletes who thought chess was for someone else! 

Whoop's podcast at The Locker is full of great content and even better insights. Check it out here, follow, and enjoy. We'd love to hear what you think.

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