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Mar 6, 2020

ere are some more of the Liminal Collective team's top picks. We keep on top of what's important and what's not, so you can get quickly to something of value.

This week: how Cirque de Soleil (who we do a lot of work with) pushes the limits of human performance - did you know Cirque performers can experience up to 15g, potentially double the g-force of an astronaut re-entering Earth? Also, the tough side of an innovation culture, the science of teamwork, and how exercise changes your brain to bring joy and courage.

SportTechie: No Clowning Around: How Cirque du Soleil Pushes the Limits of Human Performance

HBR: The Hard Truth About Innovative Cultures

Atlassian: The Importance Of Teamwork (As Proven By Science)

Greater Good: Five Surprising Ways Exercise Changes Your Brain

Medium: The Complete Guide to Emotional Intelligence

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