Science of Gaming Summit

Bringing together pioneers at the intersection of esports and science

Dec 2, 2019

iminal Collective does quite a bit of work with esports pros - athletes who compete in possibly the world's fastest growing sport of professional online gaming. They're the tip of the spear as we think about the future of the cognitive athlete, ranging from national security to corporate athletes to healthcare. Esports and gaming communities are also great fun to be part of.

So we were delighted to be invited to the Science of Gaming Summit 2019. Many thanks to our hosts from Klutch, who organized this unique and valuable event to bring together pioneers at the intersection of esports and science. Professional players, scientists, team managers, clinicians, human performance experts, and professional coaches all came together for some memorable discussion. There were many great sessions at this event, all worth checking out at Klutch's YouTube channel.

Liminal Collective did its part: Hoby Darling shared the stage with Parth Naidu, GM of esports team TSM, and Logitech's director of strategy & innovation, Vincent Tucker. Together they discussed elite performance for esports athletes - from physical factors to the cognitive. You can see the video of the panel below. Keep watching this space. It's evolving fast and we have yet to see the full impact of performance science on gaming.

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